Hall Statement on Border Crisis Legislation

Press Release

Date: Aug. 2, 2014
Location: Washington, DC

Today the House voted on two bills to address the border crisis -- H.R. 5230, a border supplemental appropriations act; and H.R. 5272, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Executive Amnesty Freeze. Both bills are fully offset through cuts and recessions of existing funds. After voting in favor of both bills, Rep. Ralph Hall (TX-04) released the following statement:

"The President is largely responsible for the current border crisis due to his Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive order. And while his refusal to address this crisis of his own making is grossly irresponsible, it is not surprising.

"The American people agree something must be done immediately to address the border crisis and to safely return these children home as quickly as possible. That is what today's bills are about -- it takes action where President Obama has refused to do so.

"While these bills address the immediate crisis, we must continue to work toward a fully secure border and total enforcement of current law if we are to prevent similar future crises. Rest assured that I will represent the views of my constituents and continue to monitor the border situation affecting all Texans."

H.R. 5272 essentially eliminates the President's DACA executive order by:

Forbidding federal funds or resources from being used to determine new applications under DACA;
Prohibiting the Administration from using federal funds or resources to newly authorize deferred action for any class of illegal aliens;
Preventing federal funding or resources from being used to authorize work permits for illegal aliens; and
Preventing the President from making future executive actions to expand amnesty for illegal aliens.
H.R. 5230 expedites the return of all unaccompanied children (UACs) by:

Changing a 2008 anti-trafficking law, which currently prevents Central American UACs from being returned home, to require all UACs are treated equally; and
Requiring an immigration judge to conduct an inspection of the UAC within 14 days after the first screening from the Border Patrol. The immigration judge is also required to issue an order regarding the immigration status of the child within 72 hours after the conclusion of the proceeding.
H.R. 5230 also strengthens border security by:

Prohibiting the President's Secretaries of Interior and Agriculture from restricting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) activities on federal land; and
Prohibiting immigration status to criminals convicted of serious drug crimes.