Rep. McKinley Votes for Bipartisan Plan to Help Students, Parents and Higher Education

Press Release

Date: July 25, 2014
Location: Washington, DC

This week, Rep. David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-WV), voted for three bipartisan bills that will help students and families considering college.

"When students make the decision to get ahead by obtaining a degree in higher education, they're faced with the rising cost of tuition and mounting student debt," said Rep. McKinley. "By providing better information to students and families whether it's concerning the financial aid process or what programs are available, this will help them make informed decisions about their future."

House passed the following three pieces of bipartisan legislation benefitting higher education:

* Strengthening Transparency in Higher Education Act (H.R. 4983)

This would provide better information to students and families regarding higher education institutions so they can make smart decisions.

* Empowering Student Through Enhanced Financial Counseling Act (H.R. 4984)

This would promote financial education through counseling by ensuring students and parents, who participate in the federal student loan program, receive annual counseling according to their individual borrowing needs.

* Advancing Competency-Based Education Demonstration Project Act (H.R. 3136)

This would allow institutions to provide students with a more personalized cost-effective education to non-traditional students like working adults and gain credits for skills testing.

"This legislation will help students and families to decide what's best for them in achieving a better life," added McKinley.