Issue Position: Federal Overreach

Issue Position

Fighting the Obama Administration's Overreach into Our Lives and Economy

As both Alaska's Attorney General and as Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, Dan has fought the Obama Administration's dramatic expansion of the federal government into our lives.

The President Obama-Mark Begich agenda undermines Alaska and America's future. Dan will make rolling back their agenda his number one priority as Alaska's U.S. Senator.

Many talk about fighting the Obama Administration, but Dan has been in the arena taking action against this unprecedented overreach.

From taking Alaska's fight against ObamaCare to the U.S. Supreme Court to challenging the abusive authority of the Environmental Protection Agency, Dan has fought the Obama Administration every step of the way. Remember, the states created the federal government, not vice versa.

Cutting Red Tape

Strong economic growth begins with reducing bureaucratic red tape, which is having crippling effects on job growth and small businesses across the country.

Overregulation is an issue that affects Alaskans and Americans every day, particularly in regard to permitting for responsible resource development projects, both small and large. Investors eyeing projects in Alaska and the Lower 48 hesitate to get involved because of the high risk for permitting delays and litigation. And when the Obama Administration discourages those investments and jobs through regulatory burdens, energy and mineral investment opportunities are lost to nations with substandard environmental regulations.

As Commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources, Dan instituted a comprehensive strategy to reduce red tape and make the state's permitting system more efficient, timely and certain. As a result, his department reduced a backlog of 2,500 state permits by 40 percent. The Alaska Legislature also passed numerous statutory changes to further improve the state's permitting system while protecting the environment. This kind of leadership and experience in cutting red tape is needed in Washington.