Issue Position: Representative Duncan Hunter's Principles

Issue Position

Individual liberty and personal responsibility are the cornerstones of our great nation. The federal government's role should be limited to protecting and defending our God given freedoms.
Maintain a strong national security policy that funds the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps at appropriate levels and doesn't cut defense spending during wartime for the first time in American history. President Obama's attempt to cut our military must be stopped. Islamofascism must be defeated.
Border Security that includes a COMPLETELY secure southern and northern border. Border security is national security. NO AMNESTY for those here illegally.
Real Economic Growth that comes from a vibrant private sector. Fight the Obama/Pelosi takeover of every industry in the United States. Implement reform that will incentivize hard working Americans and entrepreneurs to create jobs. Bring manufacturing BACK from China and India to the United States.
Tax cuts and fiscal responsibility are the keys to economic recovery and job growth. The American people are overtaxed and the government spends too much. We must have a balanced budget and every federal agency needs to be cut dramatically except for infrastructure and national defense.
Energy independence. The only way to free ourselves from terrorist despots who negotiate international policy using oil prices is to keep working on alternative energy while at the same time following an "all of the above" approach. We must build more oil refineries, build nuclear facilities, and drill.
Repeal the Obama/Pelosi healthcare takeover and replace it with common-sense, free-market reforms that will force health insurance companies to be accountable and transparent while, at the same time, increasing the quality and access of healthcare in America and reducing costs.