Taylor Holds Kansas Economic Roundtable: Agriculture

Press Release

Date: Aug. 30, 2014
Location: Manhattan, KS

Candidate for U.S. Senate Chad Taylor held the first in a series of Kansas Economic Roundtables Friday, designed to bring together leaders and experts in areas of the state economy to determine future challenges and opportunities. Friday's roundtable focused on agriculture and took place at the Manhattan Public Library.

"Today's Kansas Economic Roundtable on Agriculture was very successful," said Taylor.

"These stakeholders, leaders, and experts came together today to begin having the tough conversations about how we are going to capitalize on the potential in Kansas agriculture. I heard from a variety of folks, such as a first-generation farmer, farmer's market coordinators, a farm lender, crop insurers, and representatives of farmers. These are the people that work practically with agriculture policy day-to-day and they are the very people I will advocate for in the United States Senate."

Topics discussed during the roundtable included how best to address the aging farmer population, how to deal with impending water shortages, EPA regulation, farm lending, and elements of the Farm Bill. Invitations were extended to a wide range of organizations and individuals for the public meeting.

"I thought we had a very good representation of Kansas agriculture here today," said Nick Levendofsky, Communications and Projects Coordinator at Kansas Farmers Union.

"From conventional to organic, to livestock to pollinators -- you name it. We had very good representation…we even had consumers in the room. They play just as important a role in this world of agriculture as the farmers do."

Future topics for the campaign's Kansas Economic Roundtable series include health care, biosciences, and job growth.