Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

I know how important Medicare and Social Security are to you -- they're important to my family too. We need to strengthen modernize these programs for next generation. Click here to sign your name if you agree we need to preserve Social Security for hard-working Americans, not privatize it. To see why I was endorsed by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, click here.
The Affordable Care Act not only protects the Medicare so many families and senior citizens depend on, it improves it.
Senior citizens will receive more and better Medicare benefits
The "donut hole" in Medicare for prescription drug coverage will be fully closed by 2020.
It will cut drug costs in half or more for many seniors, while the Romney-Ryan plan will raise costs on individuals.
Annual preventative check-ups with your doctor will be covered.
Healthy living habits will be rewarded with discounts.
While Medicare recipients will continue to see the doctors they need when they need them, the quality of care will improve.
Hospitals and Doctors will be rewarded for preventing infections and coordinating care for patients when they leave the hospital.
Rural areas like ours will get special help to provide better care.
Primary care doctors, who you know, will have more time with you throughout your treatment

The Medicare you depend on will be financially secure. Health insurance reform protects and strengthens the Medicare benefits promised to senior citizens.