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Issue Position: Social Security, Medicare and Financial Security

Issue Position

Social Security and Medicare are promises between the federal government and the hard-working Americans who have paid into these programs over the years. Since 1935, American workers have contributed to Social Security. This valuable program provides many seniors with a reliable pension. However, lack of accountability, government oversight, and frequent abuse, such as disability fraud, has weakened this program. Through strong leadership and common sense, I believe we can strengthen Social Security for today's seniors and future beneficiaries.

In addition, Medicare is a critical program that serves the health care needs of many Arkansans. We must strengthen and secure this program. Unfortunately, Medicare is on weak footing and some Arkansas seniors are having trouble finding Medicare providers. The current administration, led by President Obama, has proposed nothing to strengthen Medicare. In fact, Congress raided $716 billion from the Medicare Trust Fund to pay for ObamaCare, hurting seniors. Furthermore, waste, fraud, and abuse continue to weaken the program. I oppose ObamaCare. I will support prudent measures to strengthen Medicare for today's retirees and future beneficiaries.

Lastly, I support policies that help hard-working Americans save for retirement and health care independent of government aid. We must enhance 401(K)'s, IRA's, and health savings accounts so seniors can have security and peace of mind. We should protect and promote the FHA's successful reverse mortgage program, which offers seniors increased liquidity based on the years of accumulated equity. However, these meaningful improvements will only matter if we control Washington's spending addiction. Unless Washington learns to live within its means, our federal deficit will trigger uncontrolled inflation. Nothing could be more devastating to the savings, income, and financial security of our nation's seniors than runaway inflation.