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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

I appreciate the value of a quality education, and was the first in my family to attend college and go on to earn a Master's Degree. While in office, I visited many schools to read to children and impress upon them the same message Morgan and I share with our two elementary school aged kids, that there is no substitute for doing well in school.

The lack of a good education poses one of the greatest roadblocks to future financial and personal success. The average college graduate earns nearly twice as much money as his or her peer with a high school degree. It goes deeper than this though, research shows that without a solid early childhood education, an individual who begins behind will likely stay behind.

A poor school system has long-term ramifications for both our children's future and the United States role in the world as the leading economy. Without a good education, neither future is bright.

The federal government's role in education should be limited. Over 90% of funding for education comes from local towns and the state, we should be the ones who determine our children's curriculum.

I have worked to streamline spending and free teachers, administrators, and parents from the confines of federal regulations. Educators in New Hampshire know better than politicians in Washington what the best course for educating our children is. I will continue to push education policies that put kids first, not DC bureaucrats.