Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Legislation Protecting Communities from Illegal Drug Production

Press Release

Gov. Rick Snyder today signed legislation giving law enforcement more authority to prevent methamphetamine production and protect communities near potential production sites.

"The production of illegal drugs creates a safety threat for communities statewide," Snyder said. "This new law will reduce availability of harmful drug ingredients to hinder the production of these drugs and keep our neighborhoods safe."

House Bill 5615, sponsored by state Rep. John Kivela, adds "smurfing" (the purchasing of meth ingredients in small increments from multiple retailers), to the list of crimes that constitute racketeering. The bill is part of a larger methamphetamine initiative signed earlier this year by the governor that further curbs access to chemicals used to produce methamphetamine. This legislation makes it more difficult for drug producers to obtain these ingredients. It is now Public Act 300 of 2014.

The governor also signed four other bills:

Senate Bill 882, sponsored by state Sen. Tom Casperson, eliminates redundant requirements for local road agencies related to employee retirement compensation. Local road agencies will still uphold other certification requirements including a searchable database of agency budget, finances and employment information. It is now PA 301.

SB 1016, sponsored by state Sen. Roger Kahn, allows for the continuation of a funding transfer needed for the Michigan Department of Transportation to receive federal highway aid matching funds. Under the legislation, $12 million will be redirected from the Transportation Economic Development Fund to the State Trunk Line Fund. It is now PA 302.

HB 4545, sponsored by state Rep. Dale Zorn, prohibits tow truck operators from harassing motorists at the scene of a car accident or disabled vehicle. Under the legislation, tow operators who use aggressive, badgering or unethical business practices to solicit customers will be fined $1,000. The bill does not punish tow service operators who offer assistance at the scene of an accident or disabled vehicle, as long as they leave when told services are not required. It is now PA 303.

HB 5507, sponsored by state Rep. Peter MacGregor, helps counties cover the cost of providing foster care services. The bill requires the Department of Human Services to cover the administrative rate for new foster care cases, an increase in the administrative rate for all foster care cases and any rate increase provided to residential foster care providers. It is now PA 304.