Bruce Endorsed by Fire Fighters, Discusses Vision for Iowa's Middle Class Families

Press Release

Date: Oct. 9, 2014
Location: Des Moines, IA

Today, Bruce Braley accepted the endorsement of the Iowa Professional Firefighters Association and shared his vision to be a Senator who fights for hardworking Iowans.

While receiving the endorsement, Braley discussed his record of reaching across the party divide to deliver results for Iowa and focused on his middle class priorities: raising the federal minimum wage, protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare, and reducing the burden of college costs.

"I'm running for Senate to stand up for working men and women and their families, and I'll always fight to give working families opportunities to get ahead. I'm proud of my record of reaching across the party divide and working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to deliver results for Iowans," said Braley. "But Sen. Ernst stands with Tea Party obstructionists, and her radical Tea Party agenda would only lead to more obstructionism. There's a clear choice in this race, and Iowans deserve a Senator who will bring people together and work as a bridge builder, not a bridge burner."

Braley has a strong record of working across the party divide to deliver results for Iowa and stand up for Iowa's working families. Braley worked with both Democrats and Republicans to secure back pay and GI Bill benefits that had been denied to hundreds of Iowa National Guard soldiers. In addition, he worked to pass the bipartisan "Back to Work Act" that provided tax credits to businesses hiring unemployed workers. He also has a strong record of working across the aisle to protect and grow Iowa's agriculture economy-- including working for three years to pass the bipartisan Farm Bill and testifying alongside Governor Terry Branstad to protect the Renewable Fuel Standard and the 75,000 jobs it supports in Iowa.

"Congressman Braley has a tremendous record on issues that are important to Iowa's firefighters and first responders. He's always been in our corner, helping us get the equipment and resources we need to save lives and serve Iowa communities, and he has always been in the corner of Iowa's working families. We're proud to support Congressman Braley in his campaign for Senate because he's worked tirelessly to create opportunities for Iowans, to help grow and expand the middle class and help us succeed. We know he'll make Iowans proud," said Iowa Professional Firefighters Association President Dan Cougill.

Cougill also commented on the recent reports that highlight Sen. Ernst's potential conflict of interest violations while she was Montgomery County auditor, in addition to her troubling attendance record in the Iowa Senate.

"Iowans are learning even more about the real Joni Ernst--and we've seen some pretty shocking reports about things like the contracts given to her father's company while she was Montgomery County Auditor, and some pretty troubling new reports about her dismal attendance record in the state Senate. Iowans want a Senator they can trust--someone who will fight the middle class families, seniors, and women. Not someone like Joni Ernst."

In contrast, Sen. Joni Ernst's radical Tea Party agenda, which includes supporting a government shutdown that cost Iowa's economy $112 million and calling the President a "dictator," would only add to the gridlock in Washington.