Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2014
Issues: K-12 Education

We must ensure we have a strong K-12 education system to prepare our children to enter the workforce, grow our economy, and keep America strong. Right now, our system is failing us. America's 15-year-olds rank only 23rd in science, 30th in math, and 20th in English compared to other countries and the trend is going in the wrong direction. It is not right to deny children stuck in failing schools the option for a better education that focuses on local control, parent involvement, choice, and competition. Taxpayer dollars should be going to improving education, not paying for federal bureaucrats to dictate mandates and standards from D.C. We also need better vocational initiatives to prepare young people for tradecraft and high-skilled manufacturing jobs. Finally, we need initiatives to bring the cost of college down so it isn't bankrupting students, their families, and the country. I am willing to consider thoughtful solutions to meet these goals to grow our economy, increase our global competitiveness, and provide more opportunities for the next generations.