Braley Responds to Ernst's Admission of Painful Consequences of her Proposals: "I don't think inflicting pain is putting Iowa first"

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Today at a packed Iowa Votes rally with Elizabeth Warren in Iowa City with more than 600 people in attendance, Bruce Braley drew a stark contrast between his vision of an economy that works for all of Iowa's working families and state Sen. Joni Ernst's proposals that benefit the wealthy special interests and in her own words would be "very painful and we know that." Ernst's shocking admission about the consequences of her policies were just recently unearthed and are rattling her campaign as more Iowans pay attention.

"Last year, Senator Ernst went to a breakfast, where she admitted her policies -- and these are her words -- "are going to be very painful.' I don't think inflicting pain is putting Iowa first. And I don't think inflicting pain on you, is putting you first," Braley said today in Iowa City. "I don't think her vision of inflicting pain on Iowa is going to lead us forward into the future, and that's why Iowa needs a Senator who is going to fight for you."

From her plans to privatize Social Security and gamble Iowans' retirement savings on Wall Street, to her opposition to an increase to the minimum wage that would provide 300,000 Iowans with a raise, to her proposals to abolish federal student loans, Ernst's plans are great for her special interest backers, but "painful" for Iowa's working families.

That's why as Iowans learn more and more about her special interest agenda that only benefits the wealthy and corporate interests, they are turning toward Bruce Braley and his Iowa-first policies that fight for the average Iowan.


Joni Ernst at Des Moines Conservative Club Breakfast, 8/20/13

Ernst on Iowans and the American people becoming "self sufficient: "It's going to be very painful and we know that": Ernst: "But what we have to do a better job of is educating the not only Iowans, but the American people that they can be self-sufficient. They don't have to rely on the government to be the do-all, end-all for everything they need and desire, and that's what we have fostered, is really a generation of people that rely on the government to provide absolutely everything for them. It's going to take a lot of education to get people out of that. It's going to be very painful and we know that."