New Ad - Social Security: Braley's Plan Strengthens Program, Increases Benefits; Joni Ernst Would Rather Privatize Social Security and Protect Millionaires from Paying Fair Share

Press Release

Date: Oct. 17, 2014
Location: Des Moines, IA

This election isn't about Bruce Braley or Joni Ernst, it's about who would be best for Iowa. That's why in a new 30-second ad, titled "Strong," released today, Bruce Braley tells Iowans about his plan to keep Social Security strong and increase benefits, strengthening the program and looking out for all Iowans instead of just the wealthiest few. Under Braley's plan, millionaires would pay Social Security taxes on all of their earned income, just like Iowa's middle class families.

In contrast, state Sen. Ernst's plans would privatize Social Security and put Iowans' guaranteed benefits at risk. At last night's debate, Joni Ernst refused to walk away from privatizing Social Security.

The ad is released following a week where Braley's campaign focused on the issues of protecting and preserving Social Security for current and future generations of Iowans. Bruce Braley, who has earned the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare and the Alliance for Retired Americans, has worked to protect Social Security from risky privatization schemes that end guaranteed benefits and put Iowa seniors' retirement security in the hands of Wall Street.

The ad is airing on broadcast and cable television statewide across Iowa.


Braley: This election isn't about Joni Ernst or me, it's about who would be best for Iowa. Take Social Security. My plan would make millionaires pay Social Security taxes on all their earned income, just like middle class families already do. That will keep Social Security strong and increase monthly benefits. Joni Ernst would rather privatize Social Security, risking benefits. Millionaires don't need a Senator, you do, I'm Bruce Braley and I approve this message.