Southerland Denounces Decision to Restrict Public Access to Oceans


Date: Sept. 25, 2014
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Environment

U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland, II denounced President Obama's unilateral decision today to shut off nearly 500,000 square miles of ocean from fishing and energy exploration. In June, Southerland introduced H.R. 4988, the Marine Access and State Transparency (MAST) Act, which would require such actions to be first approved by Congress or the bordering states' governor and legislature.

"President Obama's latest go-it-alone decision will only hurt hardworking families and small businesses who responsibly rely on these oceans and its fisheries," said Southerland. "By ignoring the environmental and economic review process, this administration has blatantly disregarded the concerns of our coastal states and territories. That's why I've introduced legislation to ensure our coastal communities will have a voice in this process. At a time of unprecedented mismanagement of our nation's fisheries, my legislation will bring much-needed reforms and transparency to a clearly broken system."