Floor Speech

Date: Sept. 16, 2014
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Defense

Mr. MORAN. Mr. Speaker, we are about to begin a very important and difficult debate. Both sides have strong, credible arguments. But I would urge those who are opposed to what the President has suggested to offer their own alternative. Because it does seem as though, while the President has chosen a bad option, it is the best of all the alternatives, and that is the difficulty.

ISIS is expanding exponentially in terms of the size of its force, its financial and military wherewithal. If ISIS was, for example, to be able to lay siege to Baghdad, where we have a substantial presence of American personnel, what do we do then? Clearly we would have to be militarily engaged.

This is a difficult debate, but I would urge those who chose any of the credible reasons for voting against it to tell us what they would do instead.