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Bishop Statement On Sandy Anniversary

Press Release

Date: Oct. 29, 2014
Issues: Environment

Congressman Tim Bishop today released the following statement on the two-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy:

"Two years ago today, Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Island in the worst storm many of us have seen in our lifetime. When the last of the storm had passed, the lives of eight of my constituents were lost. Several of our neighbors had lost everything while others lost their homes or livelihoods. However, we Long islanders did not let the storm beat us. In fact, the best of Long Islanders became immediately evident as first responders and neighbors rushed to meet the needs of those in danger, left homeless and without basic necessities.

We also saw the best in our local officials, agencies and relief organizations like the Red Cross, whose volunteers I was proud to join in delivering food and supplies to residents of hard-hit communities like Mastic Beach. The courage and endurance of first responders and relief workers exemplified in the days after the storm proved Long Island's strength and resilience. We have since rebounded and continue to prevail over the devastation in a rebuilding process that still continues today.

In the coming months, major work will begin at Smith Point County Park and in downtown Montauk. Both projects are aimed at rebuilding the beaches and dunes to fortify and provide greater protection for assets along the coast, including homes and businesses. Yesterday, I was proud to join Governor Cuomo and our local officials as we announced storm resiliency projects for Long Island that will help reinforce our wetlands and wastewater infrastructure. This will go a long way in minimizing the impact of future storms on our communities. At the same time, this work will provide hundreds of constructions jobs and a major boost to our local economy.

At times, it is hard to believe that we have not yet fully recovered from Superstorm Sandy, but I am confident that we have made and continue to make great progress. Together, we will rebuild. And we will rebuild in a way that makes Long Island stronger in the face of future storms."