Clark Statement on President Obama Executive Action on Immigration


Date: Nov. 20, 2014
Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Katherine Clark issued the following statement regarding President Obama's expected immigration announcement:

"House Republicans have failed to take action to fix our broken immigration system. A bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform bill - supported by national business organizations, religious leaders, border communities, and law enforcement - passed the Senate over 500 days ago, but the House Republican leadership has refused to vote on this measure or put forward any solutions of their own.

"This failure to lead hurts our economy, law enforcement, and quality of life. Without meaningful reform, unscrupulous employers will depress wages and worker protections, our economy will lose US-educated experts and innovators, families will be torn apart by detention and deportation, and victims of sexual assault and domestic violence will be afraid to come forward.

"President Obama's plan to make changes to our immigration policy is necessary, legal, and consistent with recent Presidential precedent. The President's plan will allow millions of families to work legally, stay united, and be protected from physical harm and discrimination. Presidents in modern history -- including Presidents Reagan and Bush -- have used their authority to enact similar policies.

"While the President's actions are an important step, Congress has a duty to the American people to take action on comprehensive reform that will help millions of families and our economy as a whole. It's long past time to act."