Newsletter: My Views on President's Unilateral Immigration Action and Other News


Dear Friends,

You may have seen the president's announcement this week that he will make changes to our nation's immigration system through an executive order. I disagree with the president's unilateral action, which circumvents Congress's constitutional role and our democratic process, and I believe he should have honored his own words that acting unilaterally on immigration reform is "not how our democracy functions" and "not how our Constitution was written." We need to fix our broken immigration system and I've supported legislation to do so, but the president's decision to act alone will only make it more difficult to achieve long-term reforms to secure our border, stop future waves of illegal immigration, and reform our legal immigration system. Instead of acting on his own, the president should work with Congress to find common ground on reforms that the Senate and the House can support.

This week, I voted in support of bipartisan legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline. Construction of the pipeline has support from Republicans, Democrats, manufacturers, and labor unions because of the expected positive impact the project would have on energy production and economic growth. States affected by Keystone XL have supported advancing this project, and the bill seeks to allow the project to advance while complying with applicable state and local laws, including those protecting private property rights. Approval of the pipeline has been held up because of partisan politics in Washington, despite the fact that the project has been under review for the past six years and has cleared environmental reviews by the Obama administration. While the bill fell one vote short of advancing, I hope the Senate will take up this common sense legislation again next year.

I'm pleased to report that the Senate gave final approval this week to bipartisan legislation I cosponsored that will reauthorize the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) program and the president has signed it into law. I've heard directly from New Hampshire parents who have been able to continue to work while also having access to more affordable child care thanks to CCDBG, and renewing and updating this program will allow those who want to work or improve their education and job skills to continue to do so. Scroll down for more info.

On Thursday, the Senate passed a bipartisan bill I'm backing aimed at preventing sudden and unexpected deaths in infants and children - many of which occur with no obvious cause. This legislation seeks to enhance data collection, promote better collaboration, and disseminate information to the public and stakeholders in the medical and law enforcement communities with the goal of better understanding the causes of these tragedies and ultimately helping prevent such deaths from occurring. Read on for more about this bill.

Earlier today, I met with campus officials, students, victim advocates, and law enforcement personnel at Dartmouth to discuss campus safety issues and ways to prevent sexual assaults on campus. I provided an update on a bill I helped introduce aimed at stopping sexual violence on campuses nationwide, boosting accountability and transparency at colleges and universities, and better supporting survivors. Today's meeting was part of my ongoing efforts to hear feedback from colleges and universities across the state about this bill, as well as discuss steps schools are already taking to address this issue.