Gov. Rick Snyder Signs Bill Saving Taxpayer Dollars, Increasing Legislative Transparency

Press Release

Date: Dec. 9, 2014
Location: Lansing, MI

Gov. Rick Snyder today signed legislation streamlining requirements for printing and publishing of official House and Senate journals to reduce costs and make documents more readily available.

House Bill 5610, sponsored by state Rep. Cindy Denby, eliminates current printing requirements and instead requires the materials to be posted online for public viewing. The reform is projected to save $50,000-$60,000 annually in printing costs. It is now PA 357.

"This common-sense reform saves taxpayer dollars while making the work of the House and Senate more readily available to Michiganders," Snyder said.

Snyder also signed HB 4038, sponsored by state Rep. Nancy Jenkins, which adds autumn olive plants to Michigan's restricted list of plant species in an effort to prevent further spread within the state. The bill also reclassifies giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed plants as prohibited terrestrial plant species instead of aquatic plant species. It is now PA 358.