Congressman Farenthold Speaks Out Against the President's Unconstitutional Executive Amnesty Plan

Press Release

Today, January 12, 2015, sixteen members of the Texas Delegation -- Congressman Brian Babin, Congressman Kevin Brady, Congressman John Carter, Congressman Blake Farenthold, Chairman Bill Flores, Chairman Jeb Hensarling, Congressman William Hurd, Congressman Sam Johnson, Chairman Michael McCaul, Congressman Randy Neugebauer, Congressman Pete Olson, Congressman Ted Poe, Congressman John Ratcliffe, Chairman Pete Sessions, Chairman Lamar Smith, and Chairman Mac Thornberry, issued the following joint statement supporting legislation to fight against President Obama's unconstitutional executive amnesty plan.

"As members of the Texas delegation, we will continue to stand firmly against any action that erodes our constitutional values, degrades our nation's rule of law, and circumvents the legislative process. Since the President announced his amnesty plan, we have been vigorously fighting against his unconstitutional actions and have been working together to find effective solutions to win this battle.

"Last December House Republicans vowed to take up legislation in the second week of the 114th Congress to fight the President's illegal executive fiat. Today the Republicans of the Texas Delegation join together in support of legislation that is scheduled to be considered by the House this week that stops the President's amnesty plan and reflects our conservative values. This legislation would prevent the President from enforcing his executive amnesty plan by barring any funds from being used to carry out his executive actions or any other related illegal executive action that he might take in the future. While we recognize the value that legal immigrants bring to our nation and the economy, we must ensure that our laws are followed. We support this legislation because it enforces the law, secures our border, and reinforces the oath that we have taken as legislators to preserve and protect the Constitution.

"As Members of Congress, we have the responsibility to effectively work within the constraints of the Constitution and the limits of the law. As members of the Texas delegation, we have the responsibility to act in the best interest of the people of Texas. This week we will uphold both of those responsibilities by preserving our nation's rule of law, fighting for the people of Texas, and combating the President's unconstitutional, unilateral actions."

Congressman Farenthold stated:

"Securing the border was, is and will always be my number one priority. Last November the American people spoke, we in Texas listened, and are ready to lead the charge in undoing the President's executive amnesty plan. It's a new year, with a new congress, and a new majority focused on implementing a clear conservative agenda."