McKinley Protects Low-Income Communities from Burdensome Regulations

Press Release

Date: Jan. 21, 2015
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman David B. McKinley, PE (WV-1) amended a bill today to protect low-income families harmed by burdensome government regulations. His amendment was added to the Regulatory Accountability Act. a bill to ensure a fairer, more transparent, and more accountable rulemaking process for federal bureaucracies.

"Burdensome regulations have a real impact on families across this country -- families that have lost jobs and are facing increasing prices for energy, food, and health care due to burdensome regulations," said McKinley."These people deserve our compassion and empathy, not more rules that take money out of their wallet."

Regulations cost the American economy nearly $2 trillion a year, averaging $15,000 per family. HR 185, the Regulatory Accountability Act, which would modernize how federal agencies write and propose regulations across all sectors of the economy, passed the House today with bipartisan support.

"These bureaucrats should get out from behind their desks and visit communities in West Virginia or Kentucky or Montana and learn that the costs of regulations are borne by those who can least afford to pay them, not the bureaucrats in Washington who write them," McKinley added."Rather than blindly issuing regulations in pursuit of ideological goals, agencies should consider the impact they will have on American families."