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A Nuclear Iran Threaterns Not Only Israel, But the Peace of the Entire World


Date: March 3, 2015
Location: Washington, DC
Issues: Foreign Affairs

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress this afternoon, emphasizing the grave threat posed by Iran's nuclear program. Israel is the only democracy in the tumultuous and dangerous Middle East, and unquestionably America's most reliable ally in the region.

Congressman Brooks stated, "Prime Minister Netanyahu's remarks reinforce how dangerous the world is, and that it is imperative for Congress to not only reverse sequestration but to also fund national defense at levels that empower America to face that increasingly dangerous world. If Congress errs, we must err on the side of a strong national defense. To do otherwise is folly and risks American lives."

Brooks continued, "The people of Israel are engaged in a fight to protect their home, a fight for survival. America must stand with Israel without hesitation. If Iran becomes a nuclear state, it will destabilize the Middle East and seriously threaten the survival of our strongest ally in the region. Netanyahu gave an excellent portrayal of the dangers associated with Iran obtaining nuclear weapons. A nuclear Iran threatens not only Israel, but the peace of the entire world. I pray the American people, and the world, are listening. As long as Iran continues its reign of aggression and support of terror, the United States must insist that restrictions on Iran's nuclear program remain in place."

Brooks concluded, "I yearn for the day the White House reflects Netanyahu's understanding and resolve on foreign policy matters and threats. America's future depends on it."