E-Newsletter - McKinley Capitol Report: 5/1/15

Date: May 1, 2015
Issues: Science Energy

Defending Energy Research

The National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown is a vital part of our energy security. The research on fossil fuel technology carried out there is important to achieving energy independence and strengthening our national security.

That is why NETL deserves full funding and certainty that its important mission will be maintained. This week, the House took up a spending bill that covers NETL and I offered a successful bipartisan amendment that ensures NETL will not be closed, privatized, or relocated. Additionally, we helped defeat five amendments to take funding from NETL.

Energy Efficiency is Common Sense

Energy efficiency was a central focus this week with a speech on Tuesday, the introduction of comprehensive efficiency legislation on Wednesday, and a White House signing ceremony for the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act, which was introduced by myself and Rep. Welch (D-VT).

While many of our energy challenges are complicated and won't get solved overnight, efficiency is one area where we can find common ground. This is not a Democratic idea or a Republican idea - it's just common sense. There are not many areas I agree with President Obama, but we are pleased he understands we can find common ground on energy efficiency.

We ought to be promoting building efficiency as a way to save energy, save money, and create jobs. Energy independence is a national security issue, and efficiency should be part of the solution.

A Balanced Budget

House Republicans have long said that, just like every day Americans, Congress should balance its budget. This week, we passed a budget that balances without raising taxes, strengthens Medicare and Social Security, reduces the size of government, and repeals Obamacare.

In the past, I broke with his party and voted against the House budget because it negatively impacted seniors and rural communities. After negotiations with the Senate, today's joint budget removed the provisions with which I disagreed. Following consultation with AARP of West Virginia and other senior organizations, I was comfortable supporting this budget because it will protect seniors and rural communities.

Voting For Jobs

In numerous meetings across the First District throughout the past four years, there has been one consistent concern -- job creation. We need Congress to come together and pass legislation that encourages private-sector job growth. This week, one of our allies in that work, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, awarded me their Spirit of Enterprise Award for a pro-jobs voting record.

Band on the March

The Pride of West Virginia Marching Band has been selected to perform at the 2016 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We wish them all the best and know they will represent the state with dignity.

Have a great week,