Issue Position: Public Safety

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2015

Dick Saslaw serves on the Senate Courts of Justice Committee, which is responsible for legislation dealing with public safety. The Senator has been one of the strongest advocates for measures that will make our neighborhoods safer. Senator Saslaw has been recognized by law enforcement for his strong public safety record. He has worked to protect our community by creating drug-free school zones and enacting "three-strikes and you're out" legislation, which mandates that repeat violent offenders who enter the prison system three times will automatically be given life sentences. He supported the ban on synthetic marijuana and voted for legislation that will crack down on sex offenders who prey on Virginia's youth. In the Senate he voted to decriminalize marijuana under 1oz and to permit the dispensing of cannabidiol oil (THC-A oil) for epilepsy patients.

Senator Saslaw believes we need common sense gun laws. He has worked to ensure that deadly weapons never fall into the wrong hands. Dick supports closing Virginia's gun show "loophole" and fought against efforts to allow guns in public areas such as bars and day care centers. Senator Saslaw has introduced legislation to strengthen background checks and place tighter restrictions on firearm purchases. Click here to see Senator Saslaw's speech on SB 323, a bill to repeal the "One Gun a Month Law."
Saslaw prevented deep cuts to local law enforcement because he believes that localities must have the resources they need to effectively fight crime and keep cops on the beat. Dick Saslaw has worked closely with the sheriffs of Virginia to increase the pay of local law enforcement officers and to reduce the number of sheriffs' deputies on food stamps.