Letter to John Boehner, Speaker of the House - Urging Bipartisan Budget Negotiations to Avert Government Shutdown


Date: June 23, 2015
Location: Washington, DC

Dear Mr. Speaker,

It is now inescapably clear that House Republicans' sequester-perpetuating appropriations bills have no path forward, and will lead only to another government shutdown.

Last week, the Senate made clear it will not proceed with House Republicans' Defense Appropriations bill or any of the other unacceptably damaging appropriations bills from the House. The President has been very clear that he will veto these appropriation bills, and House Democrats have consistently proven that we have the votes to sustain these vetoes.

For too long, the draconian cuts of the sequester have strangled our investments to keep America Number One in the global economy and to ensure our national security. We must find a balanced and fiscally responsible way to lift the sequester and invest in a stronger defense, better infrastructure and bigger paychecks for America's hard-working families.

The September 30th deadline is quickly approaching, and Republicans' current appropriations strategy is only driving our nation toward another government shutdown. We urge you to immediately schedule bipartisan budget negotiations so that we can work together to produce appropriations bills equal to the challenges and opportunities before our great country.

Many thanks for your time and attention to this request.