Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2015

We need to find more American energy, and use less. This means developing more of America's own energy resources, including wind, solar, clean coal, biofuels, nuclear energy, as well as oil and natural gas -- which will reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and create thousands of jobs here at home. A balanced energy policy which both finds more, and uses less will strengthen our economy, protect our environment, and enhance our national security.

Coal especially is a vital part of Kentucky's economy and history. With over half of our nation's electricity coming from coal, this industry must remain a key component of our nation's energy strategy. Preserving our environment is an important responsibility, and we must do so in a sensible manner that does not harm our economy or raise prices on working families.

I was encouraged by President Obama's calls for the construction of more nuclear power plants, as well as for increased offshore exploration of oil and natural gas, and the further development of clean coal technologies. These are all critical components of any commitment to maintain both a healthy economy and a healthy environment.