100 Days of Republican Leadership

Floor Speech

Mr. Speaker, last week the House Republicans marked 100 days of Republican control of both bodies of Congress: 100 days spent working for the wealthy special interests against the hard-working American families, 100 days where we saw our national security threatened when we came dangerously close to shutting down the Department of Homeland Security, 100 days where we saw Republicans vote to end the Medicare guarantee and turn it into a voucher program.

Now, today, we are seeing House Republicans attempt to undermine the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, an entity designed to protect American consumers, by taking what was a bipartisan bill that came out of committee with nearly unanimous support and using it as a vehicle through the Committee on Rules to slash funding for this important Federal program.

We had a bipartisan bill that could have been an important piece of legislation that we all could get behind, and it had to be used as a way to undermine this really important and essential government function of protecting the American consumer. We have just gone too far with this. We need to get back to doing the work that the American people sent us here to do.