Issue Position: Spending and Debt

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2015

Federal spending is far too high because the federal government has its hands in almost every part of our lives--from health care, to education, to how we raise our children. As stated clearly in our Constitution, the federal government should defend our country, secure the borders, and perform other limited roles that require national coordination. The federal government spends enormous sums of money that should be left in the hands of individuals, families, and local communities.

Federal government incentives and subsidies should be cut back. Entitlement programs are not sustainable in their current form and should be reformed before they bankrupt the federal government. If reforms are enacted soon, they can be done in a way to avoid changes for those who currently receive or are about to receive benefits while phasing in changes for future beneficiaries. And the federal government's effort to impose a trillion dollar national health care plan on all its citizens should be repealed. I support an amendment to the Constitution to force Congress to live within its means.

If federal spending is not reduced, we risk a major decline in our economy that will harm all Americans, especially the poorest and most vulnerable. As a Representative, I will work to place the federal government back on a sustainable fiscal path, and I will support spending only for purposes authorized in the Constitution.