Issue Position: Achieve Energy Independence

Issue Position

Build the Keystone Pipeline. Lindsey Graham was one of the first senators to visit the oil sands and understands the benefits to our economy from this vitally important project, which would deliver oil from Canada -- a close ally and key trading partner -- as well as from North Dakota, to U.S. refineries and consumers. It has faced endless delays from the Obama Administration. Expanding our energy infrastructure creates jobs for American workers, spurs greater economic growth and development here at home, and keeps our access to reliable energy secure.

Pursue "All of the Above Approach" to Energy Production. We should not rule out any safe, reliable source of energy from domestic and trusted sources. We need to ensure we can gain access to vast, untapped onshore and offshore sources of oil and natural gas, including through hydraulic fracturing, in a safe and affordable way. Expanding nuclear energy, including the construction and operation of new reactors, must once again become a priority.

Reduce Dependence on Dangerous Regimes. Energy security is national security. Relying on energy from regimes that are hostile to our nation and our values leaves us vulnerable. It also poses a threat to military strength and military readiness. We need to boost domestic production and invest in the infrastructure and technology that will allow us to become fully energy independent.

Support Cost-Effective Renewable and Sustainable Forms of Energy. American innovation and ingenuity are the key to the future of our energy production. Harnessing the power of solar, wind, and water in a cost-effective way will provide essential sources of energy with less waste and pollution. Investing in cutting-edge technologies and discovering what lies ahead at the frontiers of science are also important steps toward true energy independence.

Mitigate Environmental Damage and Promote Conservation. We must adopt economically sound principles for reducing negative impacts on the environment and becoming better stewards of God's creation. This can be achieved through greater efficiency, less waste, better use of technology, and more cost-effective measures. All of these efforts will contribute both to a cleaner environment and greater energy resources.