Dr. Benishek Reacts to Federal Power Grab


Date: May 27, 2015
Location: Washington, DC

Following the announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency to broadly expand their regulatory authority through the controversial Waters of the United States Rule, Dr. Dan Benishek has released the following statement:

"Under the guise of protecting our waterways, today's announcement by the EPA is nothing more than a power grab that will add more bureaucracy without any real benefit. Among the most impacted will be farmers, and agriculture is a major part of our economy in Northern Michigan. From talking to farmers around our district, they feel like the EPA has railroaded them with this new rule without justification and without understanding the impact it will have on jobs. This is exactly the type of bureaucratic red tape that we do not need. I will continue to fight against this rule so that farms and businesses in our community do not suffer needless regulatory burden."