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Issue Position: Education and Opportunity

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2015
Issues: Education

As the father of two children, I understand that a quality education is an invaluable aspect of a child's development. A well educated population is crucial to a successful economy. As we face stronger competition from developing companies around the world, we must continue to develop ways to advance our educational system.

Educational choices should remain with the parents and caretakers of children, not the federal government. As your representative to Washington, I will fight for more school choice and less top down government regulations that hamper educational opportunities.

The federal government's role in education should be limited. Over 90% of funding for education comes from local towns and the state, and it makes sense that decisions which best fit the needs of students should be made by local school districts.

Educators in New Hampshire know better than politicians in Washington the best ways to foster an engaging curriculum. I will continue to push for policies that put our children first, not DC bureaucrats.

We must ensure that we adequately prepare future generations of Americans to contribute to the continued academic and economic success of our nation.