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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

Date: Jan. 1, 2015
Issues: Energy

It is no secret that energy prices in New Hampshire and the northeast are among the highest in the nation. Because of this, many businesses are finding New Hampshire prohibitively expensive to grow and expand their workforce. Lower energy prices will directly help our business community, and in turn, American consumers.

I support an all of the above energy approach that includes responsibly exploring and utilizing our own natural resources and supporting renewable energy sources.

I disagree with the notion that a vibrant energy sector and healthy environment are mutually exclusive ends. In fact, New Hampshire's economy depends on both tourism and protecting our natural resources. Raising my family in New Hampshire, I understand the importance of protecting our environment.

The Granite State is home to thousands of acres of pristine forests; and, people from around the world come to New Hampshire to enjoy our state's natural surroundings. Our ultimate goal should be to protect our environment while ensuring the United States is responsibly using available energy sources to lower costs for individuals, families and businesses.

We need to enact a nationwide, long-term energy plan that allows us to responsibly explore for and utilize our own natural resources. This will include embracing domestic energy production, and moving toward market based solutions for sustainable energy sources.

I will continue to fight for the enactment of policies that advance an all of the above energy approach for New Hampshire and the United States.