SB 192 - Authorizing a Study of Marijuana - Indiana Key Vote


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Title: Authorizing a Study of Marijuana

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill authorizing a committee to study marijuana and its effects and make recommendations regarding marijuana policy, from July 1, 2011 to January 1, 2012.


  • Authorizes the criminal law and sentencing policy study committee to study and make recommendations regarding the following during the 2011 legislative interim (Sec. 1):
    • The effect of marijuana on the Indiana criminal justice system;
    • Whether the possession and use of marijuana should continue to be illegal in Indiana and if so, which penalties and amounts pertaining to marijuana possession and use are appropriate;
    • Whether a program for medical marijuana should be implemented in Indiana;
    • Whether marijuana should be controlled and taxed in the same manner as alcohol; and
    • Any other issue related to marijuana.
  • Specifies that the expiration date of the study is January 1, 2012 (Sec. 1).
  • This bill is effective July 1, 2011 (Sec. 1).