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Title: Amends Bullying Laws

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that expands requirements for school districts concerning bullying.


  • Prohibits any student or minor on school property, in a school vehicle, or at a school activity from harassing, intimidating, bullying or “cyberbullying” a student (Sec. 1).
  • Defines “cyberbullying” as harassment, intimidation, or bullying committed by phone or computer which creates an "intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment" (Sec. 1).
  • Requires school districts to establish disciplinary policies for bullying that may include, but are not limited to, the following (Sec. 2):
    • Parental notification;
    • Suspension;
    • Expulsion; and
    • Report of criminal activity to law enforcement.
  • Requires school districts to establish policies for school employees to intervene on behalf of a student that is harassed, intimidated, bullied, or cyberbullied (Secs. 2 & 3).
  • Requires school districts to perform annual professional development for school employees to prevent and address harassment, intimidation, bullying, and cyberbullying of students (Secs. 2 & 3).
  • Requires school employees to report all cases of harassment, intimidation, bullying, and cyberbullying to the school's administrative personnel (Sec. 3).
  • Exempts home school settings from the provisions of this act (Sec. 3).

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