S Amdt 667 - Health Care Freedom Act of 2017 - National Key Vote

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Title: Health Care Freedom Act of 2017

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass an amendment that replaces the American Health Care Act with the Health Care Freedom Act of 2017, commonly known as the "skinny repeal" option.


  • Prohibits federal funds considered to be direct spending on state programs for any prohibited entity for a period of 1 year, effective on the enactment date of this act (Title I, Sec. 105).

  • Defines “prohibited entity” as an organization that is tax exempt by the International Revenue Code of 1986 and is an essential community provider, primarily engaged in (Title I, Sec. 105):

    • Family planning services;

    • Reproductive health;

    • Related medical care; and

    • Provides for abortions.

  • Specifies that abortion providers are exempt from the aforementioned policy if (Title I, Sec. 105):

    • The pregnancy is the result of rape or incest; or

    • The pregnancy will result in physical harm or injury to the mother of which could result in death.

  • Authorizes additional funds of $2 billion following the end of fiscal year 2018 to remain available to states that request financial assistance for the purpose of (Title II, Sec. 203):

    • Submitting an application for a waiver granted under this section; or

    • Implementing the state plan under such waiver.

  • Establishes that a state waiver under this section (Title II, Sec. 203):

    • Will be in effect for a period of 8 years unless the state requests a shorter duration;

    • May be renewed by the state for unlimited, additional 8-year periods upon application submission; and

    • May not be cancelled by the Secretary of Health and Human Services before the expiration of the 8 year period.