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HB 1266 - Prohibits Abortion After 22 Weeks of Pregnancy - Missouri Key Vote


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Title: Prohibits Abortion After 22 Weeks of Pregnancy

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that prohibits performing an abortion on an individual who has been pregnant for at least 22 weeks.



  • Prohibits performing an abortion without first determining the gestational age of the fetus (Sec. A).

  • Specifies that if the determined gestational age is at least 22 weeks, physicians and other medical providers are prohibited from performing an abortion (Sec. A).

  • Exempts cases involving an individual with a medical condition that necessitates an abortion in order to avert death or prevent an irreversible physical impairment (Sec. A).

  • Specifies that a psychological or emotional condition does not fall under the definition of a medical emergency (Sec. A).

  • Specifies that physicians or other medical providers in violation will be subject to a loss of their professional license to practice (Sec. A).

  • Prohibits assessing a penalty against any individual upon whom an abortion is performed or attempted (Sec. A).

  • Requires medical providers to annually report to the Department of Health and Senior Services the number of abortions they perform each year, along with the following information (Sec. A):

    • The reason for each abortion and method used;

    • The gestational age of each fetus; and

    • The medical condition of each individual who underwent an abortion.

  • Prohibits identifying the name or address of individuals upon whom an abortion was performed (Sec. A).

  • Requires the annual report to remain confidential unless a court orders otherwise (Sec. A).

Title: Prohibits Abortion After 22 Weeks of Pregnancy