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Title: Authorizes Parolee Use of Medical Marijuana

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that authorizes parolee's with "debilitating medical condition" to use medicinal marijuana.



  • Specifies that the Department of Public Health and Human Services shall issue registry ID cards to individuals with debilitating medical conditions and requires the ID have the following information, including (Sec. 2):

    • A department application;

    • An application or renewal fee;

    • Applicants’ name, street address, and date of birth;

    • Proof of Montana residency;

    • Statements that it will be for the individual applicant’s use only;

    • Written certification by a physician; and

    • Provider information, such as:

      • The street address where the applicant is cultivating or manufacturing; and

      • The name, street address, and date of birth of an individual provider.

  • Specifies that the Department shall issue registry cards to minors and requires, along with the aforementioned items, that the registry card provide (Sec. 2):

    • Proof of legal guardianship;

    • A signed statement;

      • Saying that a physician has explained the potential risks and benefits of marijuana;

      • Agreeing to control the acquisition, dosage, and frequency of marijuana use by the minor; and

      • Agreeing that the minor will only use marijuana-infused products and not smoke marijuana.

  • Prohibits minors that are in the custody of the Department of Corrections or a youth court from obtaining registry cards (Sec. 2).

  • Prohibits individuals, including cardholders, from operating under the influence of marijuana in the following locations, including (Sec. 3):

    • Health care facilities;

    • Elementary and high schools and their properties or leased properties in use;

    • School buses or other forms of public transportation;

    • Public parks, beaches, recreation or youth centers;

    • Religious properties;

    • Plain view of or in a place open to the general public; and

    • Areas where exposure to marijuana smoke significantly adversely affects the health, safety, and welfare of children.

  • Prohibits cultivation or manufacturing of marijuana products in a manner that is visible from the street or other public area (Sec. 3).

  • Specifies the following is not required, including (Sec. 3):

    • Reimbursement of marijuana costs by insurers;

    • Accommodation for use by employers;

    • Landlords permitting use or cultivation of marijuana products; and

    • Schools allowing cardholders to participate in extracurricular.

  • Specifies that it is effective upon passage and approval (Sec. 4).

Title: Authorizes Parolee Use of Medical Marijuana