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Title: Amends Criminal Record Expungement Law

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that amends criminal expungement laws under the Cannabis Control Act



  • Authorizes a court to seal or expunge an individual’s misdemeanor arrest record if all of the following conditions are met, including (Sec. 5):

    • The individual has not previously been convicted of or placed on supervision for a violation of the Illinois vehicle code or a similar provision of a local ordinance;

    • 10 or more years have passed since the termination of the individuals sentence;

    • The individual did not cause death, personal injury, or damage property during commission of the violation;

    • The individual has no other misdemeanor or felony driving charge; and

    • The judge examined the incident and determined to have the individuals record sealed or expunged.

  • Specifies that a felony conviction under the Illinois Vehicle Code or similar provision shall not be sealed or expunged under this act (Sec. 5).

Title: Amends Criminal Record Expungement Law