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HB 254 - Reduces Class Sizes - Illinois Key Vote


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Title: Reduces Class Sizes

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that reduces class sizes.



  • Requires the State Board of Education to make available on its website the following information no later than January 31, 2021 and each year annually thereafter (Sec. 5);

    • The total number of teachers actively employed within each school district listed by individual school;

    • The pupil-teacher ratios for each school district;

    • The number of class instructors by grade level and subject in each school district; and

    • The class size for each class and class section at each school in a school district and the total number of classes or class sections in each school that exceeds the class size guidelines.

  • Requires each school district report to the State Board of Education their numbers on the above mentioned information no later than November 16, 2020 and each year annually thereafter (Sec. 5).

  • Defines “Class” as a setting in which organized instruction of academic course content is regularly provided to a group of students for a scheduled period of time (Sec. 5).

  • Defines “Class instructor” as a teacher who has been assigned to teach students in class at a public school (Sec. 5).

  • Defines “Class section” as a single class where a class instructor is assigned to teach students in class with more than 1 class per school (Sec. 5).

  • Defines “Class size” as the number of students in a class who appear on the class roster and for whom the class instructor is primarily responsible and accountable (Sec. 5).

  • Defines “Pupil-teacher ratio” as the total number of students in a school divided by the total number of teachers working in that school (Sec. 5).

  • Defines “teacher” as an individual instructing students at a public school (Sec. 5).