HR 2127 - Appropriations bill FY96, Labor, HHS, Education - National Key Vote

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Title: Appropriations bill FY96, Labor, HHS, Education

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that appropriates $257.6 billion for activities and programs under the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and other related agencies for fiscal year 1996.


  • Prohibits the use of federal funds for the purpose of political advocacy, including propaganda and participation in campaigns by means of monetary or in-kind contributions, endorsements, publicity or similar activities.
  • Prohibits States' use of Medicaid funds for abortion services, except when the life of the woman is in jeopardy, or the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.
  • Allows a student to be awarded up to $2,440 during the 1996-1997 award year.
  • Stipulates that none of the education research funds can go to the Goals 2000 Community Partnership Program.
  • Rescinds $1 billion from low income energy assistance.
  • $197.12 billion for the Department of Health and Human Services, including: 
    • $81.25 billion for grant to states for Medicaid.
    • $32.64 billion for the Administration for Children and Families.
    • $11.94 billion for national institutes of health.
  • $30.26 billion for related agencies, including: 
    • $28.64 billion for the Supplemental Security Income Program.
  • $23.06 billion for the Department of Education, including: 
    • $6.92 billion for student financial assistance.
    • $6.01 billion for education services for the disadvantaged.
    • $3.09 billion for special education.
  • $6.93 billion for the Department of Labor, including: 
    • $3.18 billion for training and employment services.
    • $153.93 million for state unemployment insurance and employment service operations.


Title: Appropriations bill FY96, Labor, HHS, Education