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HB 720 - Extends Use of Ankle Monitors for Sex Offenders - Georgia Key Vote


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Title: Extends Use of Ankle Monitors for Sex Offenders

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that extends the use of ankle monitors for sex offenders.



  • Requires a lifetime probation period using ankle monitoring for a second or subsequent felony conviction of the following sexual offenses (Part I, Sec. 1-1):

    • Aggravated assault with intent to rape;

    • Kidnapping involving a victim less than 14 years of age, except by a parent;

    • Trafficking an individual for sexual servitude;

    • Rape or aggravated sodomy;

    • Statutory rape if the individual convicted is 21 years old or older;

    • Child molestation or aggravated child molestion unless convicted of a misdemeanor offense;

    • Enticing a child for indecent purposes;

    • Improper sexual contact by an employee or agent in the first degree;

    • Incest;

    • A second or subsequent conviction of sexual battery or aggravated sexual battery;

    • Sexual exploitation of a child; or

    • Computer pornography and child exploitation.

  • Authorizes any law enforcement agency on October 30 and 31 of each year, to post a sign in the front of the residence of any individual on such probation stating the following, “No candy or treats at this residence” (Part I, Sec. 1-1).

  • Specifies that any sexual offender who changes residence from another state or territory of the United States to this state and is not designated under Georgia law as a sexually dangerous predator, sexual predator, or sexually violent predator shall have their registration forwarded by the sheriff of the previous county to the Board of Pardons and Paroles for risk assessment classification (Part I, Sec. 1-1). 

  • Authorizes the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council to create and operate a state-wide sexual assault kit tracking system that shall track the location and status of the sexual assault kits throughout the criminal justice process and designate sexual assault kits as either unreported or reported (Part V, Sec. 5-4).

  • Authorizes the board to refuse to grant a license to an applicant or suspend or revoke an existing license of a physician who has committed sexual assault on a patient (Part V, Sec. 5-6).

Title: Extends Use of Ankle Monitors for Sex Offenders