S Amdt 791 - Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Amendment - National Key Vote

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Title: Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Amendment

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to adopt an amendment that requires the use of renewable fuel sources in place of fossil fuels.


  • Places minimum annual percentages for the use of renewable resources, such as wind, solar, geothermal, and ocean energy, and natural gases (Sec. 271).
  • Mandates a gradual increase in the percentages of renewable resource use from 2% in the year 2008 to 10% by the year 2030 (Sec. 271).
  • Requires that the Secretary establishes a renewable energy trading program, as well as a State renewable energy account program (Sec. 271).
  • Stipulates that civil penalties will be imposed on electric utility companies that do not meet the renewable resource requirements (Sec. 271).
  • Expires on 12/31/2030 (Sec. 271).