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Title: Privatization of Toll Roads

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill allowing private companies to lease and manage toll roads, except for the Florida Turnpike.


- Provides financing techniques with public-private partnerships [sec. 1(334.30)]. - Requires the public-private agreement to properly maintain and operate within department standards [sec. 1(334.30)(2)(a)]. - Guarantees a portion of the excess revenues from the toll roads be returned to the state department for the duration of the public-private agreement [sec. 1(334.30)(2)(d)]. - Requires the private entity to provide a traffic and revenue analysis, as well as a project finance plan [sec. 1(334.30)(2)(e)]. - States that the public-private partnership may not exceed 50 years [sec. 2(334.30)(2)(11)].