SB 226 - Zebra Mussels Ban - Colorado Key Vote

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Title: Zebra Mussels Ban

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that creates new regulations and authorizes appropriations to contain and, if possible, eradicate aquatic nuisance species in Colorado.


-Mandates that no person shall possess, import, export, ship, transport, release, place, or plant aquatic nuisance species (Sec. 33-10.5-105). -Authorizes qualified peace officers with a "reasonable belief" that aquatic nuisance species may be present in a conveyance to inspect the conveyance for the presence of such species (Sec. 33-10.5-104). -Authorizes qualified peace officers to impound and quarantine a conveyance if the officer finds aquatic nuisance species or has a "reasonable belief" that such species may be present after conducting an inspection, if the person transporting the conveyance refuses to submit to inspection, or if the person transporting the conveyance refuses to decontaminate the conveyance (Sec. 33-10.5-104). -Requires the development of a statewide plan to prevent, control, monitor, educate persons about, and where possible, to eradicate aquatic nuisance species (Sec. 33-10.5-103). -Requires an annual report from relevant state organizations on actions taken with regards to aquatic nuisance species (Sec. 33-10.5-103).