SB 1322 - Communist Party Membership - California Key Vote

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Title: Communist Party Membership

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that removes membership in the Communist party as sufficient cause for the firing of public employees, including public school employees.


-Removes membership in the communist party as a sufficient cause for dismissal from public employment, including employment in the public education system (Secs. 4, 7, 9). -Maintains advocacy of (or membership in organizations which advocate) the forceful overthrow of the federal government or state governments as a sufficient cause for dismissal from public employment (Sec. 9). -Repeals a section of the California Government Code that delineates the "danger" posed by communists seeking public employment (Sec. 8). -Repeals the requirement that subpoenaed public employees be dismissed for failing to provide testimony related to personal advocacy of the forceful overthrow of federal or state government, membership in an organization which advocates such overthrow, or membership in the communist party (Sec. 10).