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Title: Juvenile Parole Eligibility Reform

Vote Smart's Synopsis:

Vote to pass a bill that ensures parole eligibility for individuals who were less than 18 years old when they committed a crime for which they received a sentence of 10 or more years imprisonment, including sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, and for which they have served a minimum of 10 years.


- Specifies the following factors that shall be taken into consideration by the Parole Board when determining whether or not an individual covered by this Act shall be released on parole (Sec. 34):

    - The individual's age and maturity level at the time of the offense; - The individual's degree of participation in the offense; - The nature of the offense; - The severity of the offense; - Prior juvenile or criminal history of the individual; - The likelihood that the individual will commit further offenses; and - Any other information that the Parole Board considers relevant.
- Specifies that the provisions of this Act shall not take effect until the enactment of HB 4402, HB 4403, and HB 4404 (Enacting Section 1).