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Howie Hawkins' Biography

On The Ballot: Running, Green Party for President

Full Name:

Howie Hawkins



Birth Date:


Birth Place:

San Francisco, CA

Home City:

Syracuse, NY

Attended, Dartmouth College, 1975

Candidate, President of the United States, 2012, 2020, 2024

Candidate, Governor of New York, 2018

Candidate, Vice President of the United States, 2016

Candidate, New York State Governor, 2014

Candidate for Syracuse Common Council, Green Party, 1993-2013

Candidate, New York State Governor, 2010

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, District 25, 2000, 2004, 2008

Candidate, United States Senate, 2006

Candidate for New York Comptroller, Green Party, 1998, 2002

Candidate, New York State Comptroller, 1998, 2002

Candidate, Syracuse Common Council, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2001

Candidate for Onondaga County Executive, Green Party, 1999

Candidate, Onondaga County Executive, 1999

Candidate, Mayor, City of Syracuse, 1997

Freight Unloader, United Parcel Service (UPS), 2001-2017

Co-Op Organizer, CommonWorks, 1991-2001

Self-Employed Framing Carpenter/Solar and Wind Energy Installer/Logger, 1972-1991

Co-Owner, Retrofit Associates, 1978-1984

Served, United States Marine Corps Reserves, 1972-1978

Bus Boy/Food Server/Short Order Cook, 1968-1970

Member, Vietnam Veterans Against the War/Winter Solider Organization, 1972-1975, 2006-present

Co-Founder/National Committee Representative, Green Alliance, 2001-present

National Committee Member, Green Party of the United States, 2001-present

Member, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 317, 2001-present

Member, Teamsters for a Democratic Union, 2001-present

Co-Founder/National Committee Representative, Independent Progressive Politics Network, 1995-present

Member, Industrial Workers of the World, 1975-present

Member, Socialist Party United States of America, 1973-present

Member, American Legion Dunbar Post 1642, present

Board Secretary, Eat To Live Food Cooperative, present

Member, Solidarity, present

Treasurer, South Side Community Coalition, present

Field Coordinator, Upstate New York, Ralph Nader Presidential Campaign, 2000-2004

Member/National Committee Representative, National Committee for Independent Political Action, 1983-1998

Member, Labor Advocates, 1995-1996

Co-Founder/National Coordinator, Left Green Network, 1988-1992

Clearinghouse Coordinator, New England Green Alliance, 1988-1991

Clearinghouse Coordinator, New England Green Committees of Correspondence, 1984-1988

Co-Founder, Clamshell Alliance, 1976-1986

New England Representative, Call to Conscience, 1981-1984

Co-Founder, United States Green Party, 1984

Co-Founder, Upper Valley Committee for a Free Southern Africa, 1976-1984

Member, Mass Party Organizing Committee, 1974-1980

Member, American Serviceman's Union, 1972-1978

Co-Founder, Dartmouth Radical Union, 1972-1978

Co-Founder, Granite State Alliance, 1974-1978

Member, New American Movement, 1974-1977

Co-Founder, People's Energy Project, 1974-1976

Priority Issues:

Progressive Taxes, Reforming Albany, Full Employment, Health Care For All, Clean Energy, Good Schools For All Comunities, Economic Democracy For Economic Renewal, Sustainable Green Economy, Organic Food and Agriculture, Affordable Housing, Retirement Security, Workers Rights, Fair Elections, End The "War on Drugs", Reproductive Freedom, Gay Marriage, Peace, Criminal Justice Reform, Regional Planning, Local Government, Grassroots Democracy