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Julio Gracia's Biography

Contact Information

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Full Name:

Julio Gracia




Married; 3 children

Home City:

Falls Church, VA

JD, Law, Albany Law School, 1989

BA, Psychology; Philosophy, State University of New York at Oswego, 1986

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, Virginia, District 8, 2016

Special Agent, FBI, 1989-2015

No organizational membership information on file.

Reason for Seeking Public Office:

I am a retired 26-year FBI Special Agent (1989-2015), who wants to continue to serve our country. My wife, three sons, and I, have lived in Fairfax County, Virginia, for 16 years. I think that too many of our elected officials are insulated from the decisions they make in Congress, but the rest of us have to live with their decisions. I am not fundraising and I will spend less than $5000 on this campaign because I think you should not have to be a multi-millionaire to run for public office. It is said that Congressional representatives spend 60% of their time on fundraising. If elected, I will not fundraise and I will dedicate that time to you. My priorities are: (1) Restructuring and simplification of the tax system for individuals; (2) Restructuring and simplification of the tax system and the regulation structure for business, particularly small business; (3) Universal healthcare; (4) National Security (support our military and invest in cyber defenses).