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Gabrielle Giffords' Biography

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Full Name:

Gabrielle Giffords




Husband: Mark Kelly

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Tucson, AZ

Home City:

Tucson, AZ



MA, Regional Planning, Cornell University, 1996

BA, Scripps College, 1993

Representative, United States House of Representatives, 2007-2012

Senator, Arizona State Senate, 2003-2006

Representative, Arizona State House of Representatives, 2000-2002

Member, Air Force Caucus

Member, Alzheimer's Disease Congressional Task Force

Member, Arizona Democratic Party Precinct Committee

Member, Arizona Democratic Party State Committee

Member, Arizona-Mexico Commission

Member, Biomedical Research Caucus

Member, Bipartisan Congressional School Health and Safety Caucus

Member, Bipartisan Disabilities Caucus

Member, Bipartisan Freshman Caucus on Energy and Climate

Member, Bipartisan House Water Caucus

Member, Blue Dog Coalition

Member, Children's Caucus

Member, Coalition on Autism Research and Education

Member, Community College Caucus

Member, Congressional Anti-Terrorist Finance Task Force

Member, Congressional Arts Caucus

Member, Congressional Biotechnology Caucus

Member, Congressional Bipartisan Cerebral Palsy Caucus

Member, Congressional Career and Technical Education Caucus

Member, Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues

Member, Congressional Caucus on Community Health Centers

Member, Congressional Caucus to Fight and Control Methamphetamine

Member, Congressional Children's Health Care Caucus

Member, Congressional Climate Change Caucus

Member, Congressional Correctional Officers Caucus

Member, Congressional Diabetes Caucus

Member, Congressional Fitness Caucus

Member, Congressional Green Schools Caucus

Member, Congressional Horse Caucus

Member, Congressional Human Rights Caucus

Member, Congressional Intelligent Transportation Systems Caucus

Member, Congressional Internet Caucus

Member, Congressional Long-Term Care Caucus

Member, Congressional Mental Health Caucus

Co-Chair, Congressional Motorcycle Caucus

Member, Congressional Nanotechnology Caucus  

Member, Congressional National Parks Caucus

Member, Congressional Native American Caucus

Member, Congressional Port Security Caucus

Member, Congressional Rural Caucus

Member, Congressional Rural Housing Caucus

Member, Congressional Savings and Ownership Caucus

Member, Congressional Stop Drinking Under the Influence Caucus

Member, Congressional Western Caucus

Member, Congressional Working Group on Parkinson's Disease

Member, Democratic Israel Working Group

State Legislative Advisory Board, Democratic Leadership Council

Member, Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus

Member, Governor's Council on Innovation and Technology

Member, House Army Caucus

Member, House Biofuels Caucus

Member, House Green Building Caucus

Member, House Nursing Caucus

Member, House Recycling Caucus

Member, House Rural Health Care Coalition

Member, House Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Caucus

Member, Human Trafficking Caucus

Member, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus

Member, Iran Working Group

Member, Law Enforcement Caucus

Member, Medical Technology Caucus

Member, Military Veterans Caucus

Member, National Aeronautics and Space Administration House Action Team

Member, National Guard and Reserve Components Caucus

Member, National Landscape Conservation System Caucus

Member, New Democratic Coalition

Member, Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Caucus

Vice Chair, Renewable and Energy Efficiency Caucus

Member, Research and Development Caucus

Member, Services Caucus

Member, Sexual Assault Violence Elimination Task force

Member, Southern Arizona Women's Political Caucus

Vice Chair, Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition

Member, The Pell Grant Caucus

Member, United States-China Working Group

Member, United States-Mexico Interparliamentary Group

Member, Young Leadership Fellow, National Committee on China-United States Relations

Managing Partner, Giffords Capital Management, Limited Liability Company

President/Chief Executive Officer, El Campo Tire Incorporated, 1996-2000

Planning Associate, Price Waterhouse, Limited Liability Company, 1996

Planner, University of San Diego, San Diego Dialogue, 1995

Board, 162nd Air National Guard Minuteman Committee

Former Board, American Civil Liberties, Southern Arizona Chapter

Board, Arizona Friends of Small Business

Board, Arizonans for Cultural Development

President, Atlantic Association of Young Political Leaders

Member, Congregation Chaverim

Member, EMILY's List

Board, Metropolitan Young Men's Christian Association

Member, National Order of Women Legislators

Board, President's Council of Cornell Women

Member, Tax Reform for Arizona Citizens Committee

Board, Tohono Chul Park

Board, Tucson Regional Water Council

Experience, Union

Advisory Board, University of Arizona, College of Business and Public Administration

Argentina and Uruguay Host, American Council of Young Political Leaders, 2002

Flemming Fellow, Center for Policy Alternatives, 2002

Vietnam Delegate, Turkey Delegate, American Atlantic Young Political Leaders, 2001-2002

Israel Delegate, American Jewish Committee/Project Interchange, 2001

Member, Arizona Townhall, 2001

Member, Women's Campaign at Yale University, 1999