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John Cox's Biography

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Full Name:

John H. Cox




Wife: Sarah Hall; 4 Children: Sarah, Stephanie, Shannon, Julianne

Birth Date:


Birth Place:

Chicago, IL

Home City:

Chicago, IL

BA, Political Science/Accounting, University of Illinois

JD, Institute of Technology/Chicago-Kent College of Law, 1980

Candidate, United States President, 2008

Candidate, Cook County Recorder of Deeds, Illinois, 2004

Candidate, United States Senate, Illinois, 2002

Candidate, United States House of Representatives, Illinois, District 10, 2000

Co-Chair, Illinois Branch for the Coalition for the Modernization and Protection of America's Social Security System

Chairman, Midwest Coalition for Tax Reform and Economic Growth

Founder, Equity Property Management, 1995-present

Founder, Cox Financial Group Limited, 1985-present

Founder, John H. Cox and Associates Limited, 1981-present

Attorney, Coopers and Lybrand, 1980-1981

Experience, American Cancer Society

Experience, Boys Hope Girls Hope

Founder, Christmas in April - North Suburban Chicago Chapter

Board Member, FireWorks for Kids Foundation

Experience, United Charities Rebuilding Together

Board Member, United Service Organizations

Father's Name:

Thomas Cox (Stepfather)

Father's Occupation:

Postal Employee (Retired)

Favorite Food:

Ice Cream

Mother's Name:


Mother's Occupation:

Teacher (Retired)


"Campaign for Prosperity and Renewal", "A Blueprint for the Renewal and Rebirth of the Illinois Republican Party", "Politics, Inc."

Reason for Seeking Public Office:

Why John Cox?

The most frequent question in politics is “why are you running?”. I will answer that and explain why you should consider supporting my candidacy for President in 2008.

1. Why am I doing this?

I'm seeking the presidency because we need a true outsider to address the difficult problems we face. Too many of the potential candidates in 2008 are senators, governors and other career politicians who have supported greater spending, higher taxes or short-term fixes to long-term problems. America is at a crossroads. Major challenges went unanswered in the Bush administration: A tax system that punishes savings, a social security system bound for demographic disaster, schools that are failing and don't have much hope of change, health care continuing to be priced out of reach and a war on terror that has still failed to bring the world completely along with our country. I truly do not believe the other potential candidates – all insiders and professional politicians - can speak to the American people, gain their trust and move this country forward.

2. Why am I the best candidate?

I am the candidate with real world experience. I have created jobs. I have risked capital. I have taught school and been a school board president. I have been involved in politics as well as community activism. I have recruited and led a team of managers that turned around a $100-million company. The other candidates are professional politicians who are insiders, part of the corrupt system that has spent our children's future and failed to address the important issues we face.

3. How will I win?

I am bringing this campaign to the real people of America - the people who live, who work, who raise their families, who struggle, who educate their children and worry about them each and every day. I am talking to the American people as one of them. I am talking to the American people as a business professional who has made a career out of solving people's problems. I will rally them around Progressive Conservative solutions that use the free markets, competition and the human drive to solve problems that government cannot.

My commitment is to go anywhere, anytime to speak about the positive solutions to the challenges we face. I will take this campaign to the grassroots. I am an entrepreneur, a businessman and professional who understands the challenge of economic growth and job creation. I am a political and community activist who has written and thought extensively about the issues of our day and the solutions we need for long-term needs. I am going to run against the corruption of the current system; the professional politicians who are in political life to make it a career. I want to bring statesmanship back to the public square; to put the service back into public service.

4. Where will we get the funding for our campaign?

I have been a successful businessman and have provided the seed money for the campaign. I will rely on the American people to respond to our message of statesmanship and public service, of limited government, strong defense and traditional values. We will wage a grassroots campaign directly to the American people and tap the power of the Internet to raise funds.

5. What will my priorities be in governing?

Safety and security is number one - if we are not safe, we do not have an economy or a future. We need to remember the principle of limited government and our inherent right to freedom and opportunity. We must also respect the traditional values that have been the bedrock of American life and the essential foundation of our success. The respect for life, the care of our children, and the compassion for our elderly are all the traditional values we have built our society around. An ownership society, an opportunity society, a society that honors the individual initiative in preference to the state - these are the priorities we need to re-establish in our federal government.